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Now is the time to schedule your $99 Furnace Tune-Up!

Our Furnace Tune-up Special* Includes:

  • Check Performance
  • Refrigerant Levels
  • Clean Indoor & Outdoor Coils
  • Check Compressor Draw
  • Inspect Blower
  • Clean or Change Air Filter
  • Flush Drain Line & Cycle Thermostat

Benefits of having an annual tune-up are:
Improved system efficiency, which means better heating performance and lower heating costs.

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*Your HVAC system needs to be working properly to be eligible for the $99 Tune-up.


Save money on your next heating bill! Upgrade your gas furnace and receive a FREE Daikin evaporator coil.

(an $1600 value)

The main benefit of a new gas furnace is they are more energy efficient. This equates to spending less money on your heating bill during the winter months. The investment of purchasing a brand new system in some cases can more than recoup of what your heating bills.

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PSE Manufactured Homes Heat Pump Incentives

(Effective March 19, 2019)

Puget Sound Energy is offering higher Heat Pump (and Heat Pump Water Heater) incentives for customers that live in manufactured homes. See table below for details.

DHP Replacing Electric Resistance Heating (Baseboard or wall heaters) $1,200 $2,400
Electric FAF to Heat Pump $1,500 $2,400
Tier 3 Heat Pump Water Heaters $500 $1,000

View PDF Here For Complete Details.

These measures are specifically designed for manufactured homes and not available to site built dwellings.

Manufactured home and Mobile Homes: factory built dwelling that includes: (a) plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical systems, normally contained within the belly of the structure and within a rodent barrier; (b) is built on a permanent chassis; (c) can be transported in one or more sections; (d) may, or may not be permanently affixed to a concrete foundation.

At Brooks Comfort Zone, we assist our clients on receiving any current applicable HVAC incentives offered by PSE. Keeping more money in their pocket while lowering their heating bill.

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