Your Poulsbo HVAC Service

Brooks' Comfort Zone has been providing quality, trusted HVAC services to the Poulsbo area since 2012. We offer the Daikin line of ductless systems and HVAC equipment, and it is ideally suited to keeping your home comfortable all year round while offering a low-maintenance, highly efficient heating and air conditioning solution for your entire home.

Our Specializations

We offer a full range HVAC services from installations through to repairs. We can work with your contractor in new home construction projects to create the ideal heating and cooling system customized to your home. We can also help you to choose the most energy efficient options from heat pumps and ductless systems through to furnace installation with the unit that is best suited for keeping your home warm throughout the cold winter months.

In addition to furnace installation, we can also provide our customers in the Poulsbo area with heating repair services. Our NATE-certified technicians can come to the home, inspect the furnace and complete the necessary repairs.
We can also provide information on the cost of the furnace repair as compared to a replacement. With furnaces that are more than a decade old, the cost of repair or replacement should be carefully considered, particularly if energy- efficiency is a concern.

New customers and existing customers can turn to Brooks' Comfort Zone for all of their HVAC needs. We also offer a variety of water heaters, generators, air quality control systems, and customized options to make heating and cooling your home more efficient.

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